We are a leading manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam in Europe. As a specialist for insulation materials in the technical sector, we produce polyurethane insulation material products for a wide range of very different areas of application. The applications of our technical insulation materials range from pipe and tank insulation to automotive manufacturing, foam cores for doors, sandwich/ panel constructions, canteens, sports equipment and even designer products.

Fast and flexible, our team will respond to all kinds of customer requests. The material we use is polyurethane rigid foam. This is a superior insulation material which, due to its special product properties and premium quality, perfectly fulfils a broad range of requirements.

Our close contact with users constantly opens up new application possibilities for our products. Using the most advanced manufacturing techniques, we can produce almost any design which you require. We primarily manufacture blocks from which boards/panels or mouldings are created. Our customer service is based at our main plant in Stuttgart.

Bauder today - the market leader in Europe

What differentiates us from others

About 160 years ago, Bauder manufactured their first roofing products. A sensitive combination of tradition and innovation has allowed the company to become the leading manufacturer of roofing systems in Europe today. As a one-stop supplier, Bauder offers comprehensive consulting services as well as all materials that are needed for sealing, insulating, planting green roofs and generating energy from roofs.

At the current time, Bauder supplies the insulation for one in four flat roofs in Germany and for one in four above-rafter thermal insulation installations. But Bauder is not just a roofing specialist, the company is also one of the leading manufacturers of technical insulation materials in Europe.



Our position

As an owner-managed family business, we are not under any pressure to maximise profits in the short term, but are able to continuously develop our business with a long-term perspective and with the aim of delivering premium performance in all areas of our industry. In pursuing this objective, we strongly believe that people and the interaction between them will become increasingly important in the future, despite the Internet. Our team are doing their best every single day to make sure that our customers look forward to doing business with us. We employ a total of 1.000 staff in our main plant in Stuttgart as well as in seven other plants. Sales companies in 14 countries ensure that we stay in close contact with our customers.

Headquarters in Stuttgart

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